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Cote du Rhone wines you want to discover (1 domain in half a day).
Beaume de Venise
Domaine Bernardin
Domaine Durban
Les Vignerons de Beaume de Venise
Domaine Boisson
Domaine Richaud
Domaine Oratoire
Domaine Bouche
Châteauneuf du Pape
Domaine Le Pointu
Domaine Pegau
Domaine Saint Prefert
Domaine Bastide St Domique
Côte du Ventoux
Domaine St Jean du Barroux
Domaine Saint Sauveur
Domaine Les frères Carmes
Domaine Le grand Jacquet
Côte du Lubéron
Domaine de la Citadelle
Domaine "La Canorgue"
Domaine Goubert
Domaine Les Pallières
Domaine Raspail-Ay
Domaine Trignon
Domaine Cros de la Mure
Domaine Mongin et Ecole de la Viticulture
Domaine La Monardière
Le sang du Cailloux
Domaine la Soumade
Domaine Trapadis
Domaine de Cabasse
Domaine Mourchon
Northern Rhone
Special arrangement
Domaine Chave - Hermitage
Domaine Pierre Gaillard - Saint Joseph
Domaine Yves Cuilleron - Condrieu
Domaine Alain Graillot - Crozes-Hermitage
Paul Jaboulet Ainé - Tain-Hermitage

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The reservations will be accepted if you have communicated your valid creditcard number. We take your number only for measurment of security, it does not oblige you to pay by creditcard.On the day itself you pay me cash. If you do not like confidential info on the Net, you can send it in several messages by mentioning the date of reservation. I confirm immediatly, and confidential info will be erased from the system.I do not withdraw money from your bankaccount. 
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    I thank you for haven chosen for a wine experiance with Winesafari and I promise you, I will not disappoint you for giving you a maximum of information about this beautifull part of France

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